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Technical Consultancy


Become More Competitive And Dynamic With EBS Consulting.


EBS offers high quality consulting services by defining three core areas.


Strategic Consultancy


EBS provides a future-proof technical framework for your organisation. We can help with projects as diverse as internet marketing to call centre design.


Tactical Consultancy


EBS also provides technical advice on the design of your network together with advice on security and system/application infrastructure.


Security and Forensic Computing


Separate from the core business, EBS has dedicated consultants in the areas of Security and Forensic Computing, utilising the latest tools to maintain your networks integrity.


Cloud Computing


Whether you want to move your ageing Exchange infrastructure to a hosted environment, or migrate a web app to a fully elastic, scalable AWS environment, our accredited consultants have the knowledge, expertise and most importantly, the track record to help you decide on and implement a cloud strategy.


EBS is your consulting partner for managed technical projects.